1. Safety and Quality Policy

It is the policy of the Terminal to provide the safety and quality management and safe working conditions and to maintain a safe and pollution-free operating practice that complies with the requirements of the ISO quality management system standards, national and international regulations specifically international Safety Management Code and relevant standards and guidelines. The terminal shall ensure an effective safety and quality management system for the purpose to guarantee the safety and the reliable management service to meet the customer’s satisfaction. The policy of the Terminal is to supply all its customers with services which consistently meet customer needs and requirements together with their satisfaction. The Terminal is totally committed to achieving the utmost management standards with particular emphasis placed upon safe working practices and the protection of the marine and environment. The Terminal aims to remain a succesful Terminal Management Company by continuous improvement and innovation. This involves the active participation, endeavour and ideas of all shore staff and personnel. I promise to take responsibility for the implemention and maintenance of the Safety and Quality Management System and guarantee that all personnel perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of the Safety and Quality Management Manual. I have delegated the authority and the responsibility for supervision and maintenance of the Safety and Quality Management System to HSEQ Manager. HSEQ Manager shall point out problems in safety and quality managements, propose, recommend and offer solutions and measures, and shall have full authority and responsibility necessary for maintaining and improving the Safety and Quality Management System. In addition, HSEQ Manager shall give necessary instructions to the related departments, discuss problems with personnel in charge of each department until a satisfactory solutions is reached, and shall confer decisions on all management related problems. The basis policy related to the Safety and Quality Management System of the Terminal has been described above. In order to maintain the conformity and effectiveness of this system I will continually improve the system on the basis of my regular management review and the HSEQ Manager’s report of the results of internal quality audit.All employees are requested to adhere to this policy.


2. Accident Prevention Policy

Terminal recognizes that its activities may involve potential hazards due to LNG and it is the Terminal’s primary and continuing policy to create so far as is reasonably practicable an Accident Prevention policy for the benefit of its employees and clients. To establish and maintain safe, environmentally-sound working procedures and practices throughout its operation, includin FSRU. To comply with all statutory requirements concerning Health and Safety. To prevent accidents and to ensure that action is taken to avoid them through an efficient method of accident/incident reporting and investigation. The creation of active and participative Safety Committees that are fully supported by management. To ensure that arrangements exist for joint consultation and exchange with all employees on Health and Safety matters and to encourage and promote effective participation by all employees in accident prevention. To be effective this Policy must involve every one. Consequently all employees must co-operate with management in their endeavors to fulfill the aims of this Policy and take full responsibility to work in a safe manner. They must not by act or omission knowingly endanger themselves or their colleagues.


3. Environment and Pollution Prevention

Terminal recognizes and accepts its responsibility to make every endeavor to avoid pollution of the atmosphere,on land and at sea. The provisions of International and National regulations relating to dumping of wastes and the “International Convention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil” will be complied with by all personnel. Management will demonstrate through effective planning and training of personnel that the Company exercises a high degree of pollution prevention and that we operate our business in a proper and responsible manner. Management will respond positively to recommendations for changes to policies, procedures or equipment in respect of environment protection. When exploring new business opportunities or methods, full account will be taken of potential environmental impact to ensure that this Policy is not compromised. The commitment of all Terminal employees to high standards of environmental protection is mandatory.